Mac Minder is a program that will allow you to control what your children can and cannot see on the Internet. If you're worried about what is out on the Internet and that your kids spend lots of time on the Mac, this program is a good solution to protect them.


  • Remote administration
  • Log and graph program usage by day and by user
  • Limit usage of programs or groups of programs
  • Limit usage of overall computer time
  • Unlimited scheduling options with easy to use calendar interface
  • Export log data as tab-delimited text for use in spreadsheet programs
  • Automatically tracks user logins and logouts
  • Tamper-proof without an administrative password
  • Easy to use and understand administrative software
  • Status information displayed in menu bar
  • Import/export of user settings for easy duplication
  • warning message before program use expires
  • Optional customized message when program use expires
  • Optional secondary password for use on computers where child has an admin account
  • Customized alert sounds
  • Accurate to the second

Mac Minder


Mac Minder 2.5